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About MiddleMan

“Welcome to MiddleMan Suppliers, your premier destination for a wide range of industrial accessories and components. As trusted middlemen, we proudly represent an extensive selection of well-known brands, ensuring that our customers in Sri Lanka have access to genuine and quality products.

With years of experience gained across various industries, our team possesses essential knowledge and expertise in understanding your unique requirements. We are committed to delivering effective and timely solutions, providing a seamless experience from product selection to delivery.

Since our establishment in 2018, our mission has been to exceed customer expectations by offering genuine, high-quality products. We believe that quality is paramount, and we meticulously curate our brand portfolio to provide you with reliable options that meet your industrial needs.


At MiddleMan Suppliers, we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our focus extends beyond product delivery – we prioritize exceptional service from start to finish. Our efficient logistics ensure faster delivery times, reducing downtime and enabling you to optimize your operations. Furthermore, our dedication to after-sales services ensures that we are there to support you even after your purchase.

Throughout the years, we have built lasting relationships with our esteemed customers. By prioritizing your needs and delivering on our promises, we have become a trusted partner in your industrial supply chain.

Discover the MiddleMan Suppliers difference today. Experience the convenience of sourcing from a reliable and reputable middleMan, knowing that you will receive genuine products, faster delivery, and exceptional after-sales services. Contact us now to see how we can meet your industrial accessory and component requirements and contribute to your success.”

Our Services & Products

We understand the importance of reliable and durable industrial products. We source our offerings from reputable brands known for their performance and longevity. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced, ready to assist you in selecting the right products for your applications.

With our commitment to genuine and quality products, faster delivery, and exceptional after-sales services, we aim to be your trusted partner in meeting your hydraulic, pneumatic, control valve, variable speed drive, and industrial motor needs.

Contact MiddleMan Suppliers today to explore our product range and experience the convenience of sourcing from a reliable supplier who prioritizes your satisfaction.”


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment:

We offer a wide selection of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, including pumps, cylinders, hoses, fittings, and more. Whether you require components for fluid power systems or pneumatic tools, we have you covered.


Control Valves:

Our range of control valves is designed to regulate and control the flow of fluids, gases, or electricity within industrial processes. From solenoid valves to ball valves, we offer reliable and efficient solutions for precise control.


Variable Speed Drives:

Enhance the performance and efficiency of your machinery with our variable speed drives. These drives allow you to adjust the speed and torque of motors, ensuring optimal operation and energy savings in various industrial applications.


Industrial Motors:

We provide a variety of industrial motors to power your machinery and equipment. From electric motors to gear motors, our range offers high-quality and reliable options to suit your specific requirements.

  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment
  • Control Valves
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Industrial Motors

    Why choose us

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    Wide Range of Well-Known Brands:

    We represent a diverse range of well-known brands for hydraulic, pneumatic equipment, control valves, variable speed drives, and industrial motors. Our extensive product portfolio ensures that you have access to a wide selection of reliable and high-quality options.


    Genuine and Quality Products:

    We are committed to providing genuine and quality products to our customers. We carefully curate our brand offerings, ensuring that you receive products that meet the highest standards of performance, durability, and reliability.Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.


    Expertise and Experience:

     With years of experience gained across various industries, our team possesses the essential knowledge and expertise to guide you in selecting the right products for your specific requirements.


    Prompt and Timely Delivery:

    We understand the importance of efficiency in your operations. That’s why we prioritize prompt and timely delivery services.


    Exceptional After-Sales Support:

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the point of sale. We provide exceptional after-sales support to address any queries, concerns, or technical issues you may encounter.

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    HAppy Clients

    Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. We take immense pride in building strong and long-lasting relationships with our valued clients in Sri Lanka. Here’s what some of our happy clients have to say about their experience working with us

    5 stars

    MiddleMan Suppliers has been our trusted partner for all our industrial accessory needs. Their extensive range of products, coupled with their prompt and reliable delivery services, has helped us streamline our operations and meet our production demands efficiently

    5 stars

    We have been relying on MiddleMan Suppliers for control valves in our manufacturing processes. Their knowledgeable team guided us in selecting the right valves for our requirements, and we are extremely satisfied with the quality and performance of the products. Their excellent after-sales support has been an added bonus.

    5 stars

    MiddleMan Suppliers has been instrumental in providing us with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering genuine and high-quality products have earned our trust. We appreciate their professionalism and exceptional customer service.

    5 stars

    Working with MiddleMan Suppliers has been a pleasure. Their friendly and responsive team consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our orders are processed swiftly and accurately. We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable suppliers for variable speed drives and industrial motors

    We are grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us and are committed to continuously exceeding their expectations. At MiddleMan Suppliers, we strive to provide not only top-notch products but also exceptional customer service that builds lasting partnerships.

    Join our growing list of happy clients and experience the MiddleMan Suppliers difference. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you with your industrial accessory and component needs.

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